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Depending on the nature of the disease, methods of its treatment are determined, which in general can be quite diverse. The main treatments for impotence include: psychotherapeutic treatment (focused on the treatment of psychogenic impotence, as well as on the treatment of the organic form of impotence during the recovery period); surgical method (used in the treatment of the organic form of impotence against the background of venous and vascular pathologies in order to increase the flow of blood to the corpora cavernosa); vacuum method (implies a mechanical method of stimulating the penis, used as part of complex therapy for impotence); injection method (treatment involves the introduction of injections into the cavernous bodies of injections, against the background of which vasodilation occurs, which, in turn, causes a normal erection); drug therapy (determines the possibility of curing impotence without the need to use the above options for methods; has a number of contraindications that require mandatory consultation with specialists on their account, as well as the exclusion of this option as the only one in the treatment of an actual disorder).


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Diagnostic methods include: the method of testing the innervation of the penis (allows you to determine the state of the nerves of the organ; the bulbocavernous reflex is also tested); the method of ultrasound examination (the cavernous bodies of the penis are subject to assessment, signs of vascular atherosclerosis, calcification or scarring of erectile tissue are revealed in a man, the amount of venous outflow is determined, etc.); penile biothesiometry (test using vibration to assess the innervation of the organ and its sensitivity).

In the overwhelming majority of cases, patients treat sexual relations as a very delicate topic, which is why the appearance of an erection problem in one form or another determines its attribution by them to external factors. Often, attempts are made to hide it altogether. In almost 95% of cases, this disease is curable through the use of measures of drug exposure, but it is this attitude towards it that determines the frequency of referral to a specialist only in 10% of cases. Based on a number of behavioral signs, it can be assumed that problems with potency are actual, and even in a situation when a man pretends that everything is in order with him. The following situations were identified as causes of concern:
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For this reason, the main problem accompanying the diagnosis lies in the internal conflict, which can be associated in a man with shyness and embarrassment because of the problem that has arisen, as well as because of the expectation that the condition will improve on its own. In some cases, active sex life is not important for a man, therefore, the occurrence of problems with erection as a problem is not considered at all. Sometimes, on the contrary, with an objective identification of the fact that the problem really exists, the visit to a specialist is postponed due to its exaggeration (that is, the man thinks that everything is too serious in his case). Also, there are often fears that the result will reveal that no measures will be able to help in eliminating the actual problem.



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